Crazy GoPro Videos

GoPro is a renowned brand in videography and real time photos. It produces quality action cameras ideal for filming sports, diving, skating, surfing, riding among others. Most vial videos which captures immense action are taken from a GoPro Action camera.

World Trade Jump 

Four men jumped from the World Trade Centre in the US used a GoPro action camera to capture the event. The video helped police and investigators to identify the culprits for legal action. Despite the distance, the camera was able to capture in a wider and clear view.

Shark Divers 

Shark divers in the Caribbean ocean on 13th March 2014 released a 3 minutes 26 seconds video on shark attack. The camera captured all the action in a 3D resolution showing all the action and minute details underwater in a clear view. The high quality video raised eyebrows among viewers to an extent others thought it was an animated video. It includes all the audios and sounds the shark produces while under attack.

Fishing expedition

Francis Darracott, a fisher man and his family decided to capture a fishing expedition and recorded a 3 minutes 29 seconds video. The whole episode was captured on a GoPro camera. The contact of the camera and salty water corroded some of its parts. The camera resisted the tides and all the conditions under water but still captured the whole event including the interruptions. The view angle was wide and clear with a HD component incorporated in the video.


Drone race

GoPro camera also captured an epic drone race. Despite the action happening at night, the device was able to capture it for the whole world to view. All sounds were captured with a clear view and video quality despite the scene.

Self-recorded piano play

An even more fascinating video is a world known pianist Dmitry Masleev, who decided to record himself while playing the piano. The GoPro camera could be mounted on the body to capture all the whole process and further automatically zoom to capture the pressing of the piano keys without hand control. The impressive ability of the GoPro Action camera scored in the capture process.

 Black Rhino

A yet another crazy video is where a GoPro camera was mounted at the hump of a black rhino to capture the event of the endangered species. The main aim was to show viewers the detrimental effects of poaching and what rhinos go through in the hands of poachers. The one minute and 59 seconds long video, showed the whole event from the beginning to the end. The video has gone viral and viewers given numerous comments on the same.

Cheetah run

Just like the Rhino a GoPro was mounted on a cheetah’s back to capture the speed of a cheetah. The camera was able to capture the video promptly without compromising video quality.


From the crazy videos discussed above, it is evident GoPro Action cameras give value for money. They are able to withstand all climatic conditions and capture events in high resolution. A main advantage of the camera series is that, it can be mounted and strapped at any surface and still capture all the events. Indeed GoPro is a must have device for videographers.

The future of video

Multimedia content is the most consumed content globally. The social media networks have integrated multimedia in their platforms to improve and enhance their applications. Videos have become a norm in passive communication. It also adds an aesthetic value in communication. Online video is a threat to text communication. Software developers have saved video producers on cost and time by designing affordable and accessible video editor applications. The digital technology has also made the future of video bright. Smartphones and tablets have in built video editors improving access to multimedia tool-specifically videos. Wide internet usage contributes to a bright future of the video industry.


The internet is the market for consuming multimedia information. It also acts as a source of video applications and software tools. Internet service providers have also not been left out; they have come up with cheap data plans which are affordable. The wireless connection is a great concept in the video industry. Developed nations have access to wireless network making it simple and easy for video production. Emerging markets depend on internet service providers, but their cheap data plans have made it an easy option. According to Cisco 2015, it predicts by 2019 “It would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2019.” It continues to report “consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014.”


Video applications

Video consume a lot of data more so when other visual effects are added on it. To curb this, data providers have designed better compressing effects to reduce the amount of data consumed. Video is becoming the new form of entertainment, communication and information. The advent of YouTube, video generated programs on the web and mobile technology accessibility has given a sharp rise in consuming video content. The camera technology is also a contributor to the sharp rise in the multimedia platform.

Business enterprises

Small and media enterprises have no option but to adopt quickly to the video technology in all sectors of the business. In future, businesses will be forced to run on video platforms when carrying out their operations. However, video communication is leaving a dangerous footmark in dishonest businesses. Seminars and workshops are being run on the video platform, killing physical interactions and forgetting the realities of life. Individuals on camera can pretend, which is tricky in business for it will not give the business the right facts and figures when it comes to feedback.


The future of video is optimistic, however, it comes with various detrimental consequences. Some sectors of the economy are being rendered invalid. Business trips and meetings will be reduced killing the transport sector. Communication is enhanced by different Instant Messaging Services which have incorporated the video tools in the applications. On the other hand, video technology has improved various ways of operation of businesses and enhanced business growth with real time solutions. Distance is no longer a factor with this technology.